Multiverse - Does God Exist?

Why God Is Real? Reason # 5 Confronting the Multiverse!

Vilenkin said that the answer is “quantum tunneling.” He told me, “Quantum tunneling can create a universe ‘from nothing’ [because] in quantum mechanics things that are classically forbidden by energy barriers can happen by tunneling through energy barriers. So a universe of zero size — that is, no universe at all — can originate spontaneously by ‘tunneling through’ an energy barrier and then expanding by inflation.”

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Heaven is a Hologram

These days we often read that our universe is a holographic projection. One’s first encounter with the idea that our universe is a holographic projection can engender bemused disbelief or outright skepticism. We also read various takes as to the origin of the holographic projection. String theorists, who popularized the notion, tell us, somewhat confusingly, […]

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