Multiverse - Does God Exist?

Why God Is Real? Reason # 5 Confronting the Multiverse!

Vilenkin said that the answer is “quantum tunneling.” He told me, “Quantum tunneling can create a universe ‘from nothing’ [because] in quantum mechanics things that are classically forbidden by energy barriers can happen by tunneling through energy barriers. So a universe of zero size — that is, no universe at all — can originate spontaneously by ‘tunneling through’ an energy barrier and then expanding by inflation.”

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Understanding Religious Diversity Is Fundamental to Understanding the Social Aspects of Health and Aging

After my father suffered a series of strokes, he entered a long-term care facility in central Pennsylvania.  My father was a retired clergyman, a Presbyterian minister.  As it happened, quite a few of his former congregation members were also residents in this continuing care retirement home, so he never lacked for visitors.  But, while there […]

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